SURAH 80 : 'Abasa

1/2.       (In order to establish the Divine Order, the principle that should always be kept in view is the motive and enthusiasm of the people who are desirous of joining it, and not their worldly status or position. What you should consider is the desire in someoneís heart.)  Why should (the one inviting others to this system) frown and turn his face away just because a poor, invalid or blind person has come to him for guidance? (6:52; 8:62-64; 11:27; 18:28; 26:111-114.)

3.         How do you know that this blind man cannot become a virtuous man whose personality would nourish and develop?

4.         Or that he cannot understand the teachings and gradually derive some benefit from them?

5/6.       On the contrary, you should not tire yourself for a person who thinks he does not need your guidance and in turns ignores it.

7.         (O Rasool!) "If such a person is not reformed, then it is not of your concern and you will not be blamed;

8-10.     But if someone who fears consequences of an erroneous way of life and wants to save himself from them, comes to you for guidance and you give him a cold shoulder, then you are to be blamed." (2:2)

11. (As regards the Quran it should be clearly understood that) It is a Book of manifest guidance. One can attain dignity and grace by following it;

12.        But only the person who comes towards it of his own free will can get benefit from it.

13.        That is why We have not kept it secret; and have had it written on very honorable pages (so that whoever so desires, can read and benefit from it).

14.        Its teachings aim at producing sublime intellect and purity of character.

15-16.   And those who scribe it and disseminate it further are highly truthful, respectable and virtuous.

17.        Just think who else could be more prone to self-destruction than the person who refuses to accept such pure and sublime teachings (on the basis that he has a lot of wealth, power, high lineage and that he does not care for any one).

18.        (He should at least reflect on the process through which his own life passes and the various means of sustenance We provide to him; Also) He should understand how his creation started.

19.        We created him from a drop of semen and then fashioned him according to a very special measure and scale.

20.        Then He endowed him with the faculties of hearing and seeing and provided him with means of sustenance, so that life becomes easy and comfortable for him.

21.        However, most of them do not utilize these faculties and continue laying about like dead bodies in graves.

22.        However there are others who adopt the course of life ordained by Divine Laws. Thus they acquire the energies of life and rise from these graves (this is just like their physical death and the after life).

23.        (Those who live like the half dead) Their state is such that they have never fulfilled the purpose of their creation.  (All through their lives they chase their own selfish interests and never think about the universal Order of Rabubiyyat.)

24.        Although (at least) if they think about the sources of their food (then they would conclude that human beings obtain their nourishment free of cost from Allah the Almighty. Therefore every one has a share in it according to his need.) They should also think about how

25.        The rain, upon on which the production of crops depends, falls according to Our Law (not according to their planing or craft ~56:63-73; 67:30).

26.        (Man does sow seeds in the land but) Then the earth opens up to allow the shoot to sprout according to Our Law. (It is not within manís reach to turn a grain into a sprouting shoot.)

27.        It is also according to Our Law that the grains come out of the crop. And other things (from other crops) like

28.        Grapes and vegetables;

29.        Olives and dates;

30.        Dense gardens with lofty trees;

31.        And different kinds of fruits and fodder for animals.

32.        All these provisions are sustenance for you and your cattle.  (It should be kept for this purpose only.)

33.        (However, a clash with people who turn these gifts of nature into their private property, depriving others and not listening to any argument, thus becomes inevitable. Therefore) When it is time for that clash, the clattering of armour will really be deafening;

34.        The confusion at that time would be such, that man would  run away from his own brother;

35.        Children would desert their parents;

36.        The husband would abandon his wife and parents their children; and

37.        Every man will have enough of his own worries to make him indifferent to others.

38.        (When the decision for the clash is taken) The faces of the group (which had adopted the right course of life in line with Divine Laws) will gleam with happiness and joy.

39.        They would laugh and rejoice over their success and achievements.

40.        The faces of those in the second group would be covered with dust;

41.        And be overspread by the darkness of disgrace (10:27).

42.        This would be the end of those who conceal from others the means of nourishment gifted by Almighty, thus denying them His bounties and gifts. This attitude splits human beings into schisms creating disorder and chaos which is a big crime in the Divine Court. (What We desire is that humanity should be one entity; and not split into factions.)